Common Questions    

1- What is belka? 
Belka is made from natural is fire resistance and sound proof. it is a high quality product and because of antistatic,fibric structure it doesn’t absorb any dust.

2- Is it a washable product? 
Yes,you can gently wash it with a soft non –acid detergent.

3- can we use belka out door? 
No because it can be damaged with sunrise,rain and etc.

4- Is it possible to use belka in bathroom? 
Yes,if you want to use belka in bathroom,you should add some special substance to belka ingredients.

5- Can we use belka in wet areas? 
Belka can absorb humidity ,but in order to increase resistance, when you want to apply special resin you should consider the amount of weather humidity .

6- Does it have any side effects on human bodies?
(for example alerjetic reflection) no

7- Does belka leave any stain?       No

8- Does it need any infra structure?       No.

9- Is belka repairable? 
yes you can repair it very easily.first pour some water on areas that you want to repair.then fix it with a pallet.

10- How many colors does belka have?  It has 60 colors.

11- Does it have special smell?  No

12- How many days do we need to coat 100m2? 
You can coat 100m2with two oprators in one day.

13- Can we use belka in restaurants and foodstores? 
Yes,because it is completely natural and healthy you can use it in public places.


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