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Efficiency Policy of Sazeh Gostar Serayesh Co

In Sazeh Gostar Serayesh Co. by backing of faith and the efforts of the employees we have established dynamic activities and entrepreneurship in order by creating added value and fulfilling our role in increasing the internal production of our dear country will provide the satisfaction of the beneficiaries inside and outside the organization and attain to resistant development. All of us believe that the establishment of resistant development conditions for the company needs the creation and enhancement and guarding from the competitive privileges of Sazeh Gostar Serayesh Co. in internal and external markets and this important matter in its turn is subjected to the continued enhancement of the result of operations of the organization such as efficiency and effectiveness accompanied with quality or in other words efficiency.
Efficiency is not just an approach in our organization for one time and in the passing form. But its usefulness is its continuation. Therefore, all of us help each other to establish the efficiency cycle in our organization resistant and by our mobilization to systematic and process approach and confirmation on the continued training and enhancing the individual and group capabilities will provide the background in order to innate the cycle of efficiency management in different dimensions of the organization. All of us believe that the motivation of efficiency and especially centralization on entrepreneurship and renovation accompanied with financial and executive discipline is as the progress stages, motivation of resistant development and the necessity for attaining to competitiveness in the international and internal work environment. Therefore, we will do our utmost efforts for the formation of development of efficiency culture and the quality in Sazeh Gostar Serayesh Co. and innate it. 
By the amendment and improvement of the organizational structure, processes and the executive methods, training and practice and the development of participation culture, we will provide the needed background for the enhancement of internal fields and as a result the increase of efficiency is the result of operations of Sazeh Gostar Serayesh Co. Our objective in Sazeh Gostar Serayesh Co. is permanent development that this important matter will be realized only by providing the satisfaction of the beneficiaries of the organization consisted from the shareholders, customers, employees, securers, society and the government. 
With Hope
Eng. Mahmoudi


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