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In Sazeh Gostar Serayesh backing of faith and the efforts of the employees we have established dynamic activities andentrepreneurship in order by creating added value and ...

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At present the colors that are mostly used in the countries of the third world and in the developing counties have been exited from the cycle of use in the progressed countries because in them the lead oxide that its creation of cancer has been proved has been used and .results many harms to the employees of the dye making factories
Also it is harmful for the consumers who are in the exposure of snuffing escaping materials. After the elapse of about 70 years from the production of dye, there are still many defects for the chemical dyes. Therefore, due to these reasons, the Iranian knowledge decided that at least for painting the places and buildings a basis of old .thinking that is based on using natural materials and also the modern .creativity be submitted as cellulose covers to the market


By considering the history of BELKA evolution as a cellulose cover, it will be concluded that BELKA is an industry that by the passage of time will be replaced for dyes of buildings and .meanwhile will bring elegance and health and economy of oil resources

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