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At present the colors that are mostly used in the countries of the third world and in the developing counties have been exited from the cycle of use in the progressed countries because in them the lead oxide that its creation of cancer has been proved has been used and results many harms to the employees of the dye making factories.
Also it is harmful for the consumers who are in the exposure of snuffing escaping materials. After the elapse of about 70 years from the production of dye, there are still many defects for the chemical dyes. Therefore, due to these reasons, the Iranian knowledge decided that at least for painting the places and buildings a basis of old thinking that is based on using natural materials and also the modern creativity be submitted as cellulose covers to the market.
By considering the history of BELKA evolution as a cellulose cover, it will be concluded that BELKA is an industry that by the passage of time will be replaced for dyes of buildings and meanwhile will bring elegance and health and economy of oil resources.

 Special Qualifications of BELKA Are as the Following:
* Heat isolator
* Frigidity isolator
* Noise isolator
* Without the need to substructure
* Having no odor and escaping materials at the time of implementation
* Washing capability
* Anti-static quality: Due to the fiber structure of dust and burned molecules in the air does not absorb dust.
* Resistance against fire and not flaming.
* Covers the cracks
* Resistant against shocks
* Decreasing direct radiation of light
* Repairing capability

  1-Not Absorbing Dust
ne of the elements of absorbing dust by the surfaces is the creation of reversed electrical load between the pendent particles in the air and the specified surface. In different tests it has been specified that the cellulose fibers create the minimum static electrical load (in the limit of zero). The reason of this phenomenon is the absorption of moisture by cellulose and cotton fibers. It is a long time that it has been understood that the fibers absorb the existing moisture in air and from this viewpoint absorbing moisture results the prevention of formation of static electricity in the fibers. By considering the structure of BELKA which has been formed from resins of cellulose and cotton fibers and mineral pigments, none of these components forming this production have static electricity and as a result we do not observe layers of absorption of dust on the ceilings and above the heaters.

  2-No Need to Substructure
o need to serious substructure and the implementation of this production on all surfaces including plaster and soil, white and black cement, oil paint, plastic dye, tiles and . . . . . has resulted high speed in work and meanwhile decreasing the expenditures.
For example the general trend of construction in most buildings in many points of Iran is in a way that at first after brick work and plaster and soil are applied that this stage in many humid parts of the country is done by white cement instead of plaster and soil. Then on plaster and soil or cement, white chalk is used and then dye is applied. With BELKA the plaster work is completely eliminated. In the stage of plaster and soil or cement, immediately BELKA that is the replacement of the construction dye is used. In this way in addition of speed in implementing the work, comfort and economization is resulted and in cases that the internal space has tile work in order to be used as kitchen or laboratory and after a while the consumer intends to use it as another room, BELKA is easily implemented on the tiles and there is no need to remove the tiles.

  3-Considerable Decrease in Reflection of Sound
ne of the pollutions of the environment which is harmful to the human beings is the sound pollution especially continued sounds that are resulted from the reflection of sound waves after contact with surfaces. These sounds decrease the sensitivity of ear to the different types of sounds. In case we are present for 10 minutes in an environment that there are these sounds, we need rest for at least 20 minutes in a calm environment in order to compensate it. The indirect effects of unwanted sounds on the human beings are nerves sensitivity, intensive stimulation, grip of muscles and moral and bodily tiredness and even in some cases dizziness.
BELKA as a cover with many porosities and with the thickness of 2-4 mm is implemented on the walls and decreases about 41% of the reflection of sound and in a completely sensible manner decreases the sound pollution.

  4-Isolation of Heat & Frigidity
he quality of isolation of fibers has been accepted for many years and the most quality of isolation of the total fibers (in case of heat) is due to this matter that always air becomes static inside the existing spaces. The walls covered with BELKA decrease the waste of heat of the buildings in winter. All the buildings lose a part of the heat through the walls that BELKA completely fills this spaces. Also BELKA prevents from the direct contact of sun rays and winter coldness. The hot weather between the outside wall and static air in the fibers are directed to outside through the holes. As a result the amount of cold load of the building is decreased and the fresh ventilated air is taken inside the building through subordinated valves. In this way the hot and cold air after confronting with the walls covered with BELKA encounter with a barrier of heat transfer. This is a matter that has taken the attention of Energy Consumption Conservation Organization.

  5-Resistance Against Fire
he period of preserving against fire and enduring fire for the buildings can be different and it is related to their distance from the fire fighting centers, the existence of equipments for fire fighting established in the buildings or the existence of flammable materials in them. The period of enduring fire for residential and administrative building should be 45 minutes or one hour and this is the period that is usually needed for the evacuation of the building. The high buildings, hospitals, theatres and cinemas need 2 hours and the commercial and industrial centers should have at least three hours endurance against fire and not be harmed during this period. Choosing the proper cover resistant against fire and its thickness for the buildings depends on their material and also the period that is being taken into consideration for enduring fire. In fixed conditions, the thickness of cover resistant against fire has direct relation with the time of enduring fire and by the increase of thickness, the period for enduring is being increased. Standard No. DIN4102 of Germany supervises on the reaction of the construction materials against fire. The BELKA wall cover has been tested according to the data of this standard in relation with fire and eventually has been classified as a construction material that inflames in the long run and can be used this wall cover as construction material with long run inflaming ability. Meanwhile, the confirmation of not inflaming of BELKA has been obtained from NWTA of Australia and Amir Kabir University. 

  6-Elasticity Quality
his quality results that the crack of the walls are covered and also from the creation of probable cracks on the ceiling and in the walls are prevented. This matter is being realized especially at the time of renovation of the old buildings. 

  7-The Quality of Washing Ability
his quality is related to the final resin that this type of chemical resin is only for the company.
Method of washing: With sponge and shampoo of carpet can be washed. After washing wait for a while in order the BELKA will be dried again.  

  8-Friend of the Environment
s it has been mentioned in the section of sound pollutions, one of the polluting materials of the environment is sound. From the other viewpoints, not using oil materials and escaping materials in the structure of BELKA results that no  sensitivity for the consumers and the environment is being created and also there is no hog-wash in this case to harm the health of the environment. As in case of oil materials there is the problem of pollution in the form of long-term and short-term effects. The decrease of light transfer results the prevention of photosynthesis operation in plans which is the result of oil hog-washes. The saturated hydro-carbon combinations with high boiling point and aromatics can have terrible effects on different types of living creatures. The destiny of organic combinations which have entered the food chain of the creatures has been studied (entrance in the food chain through irrigation of vegetables is possible). The results show that the industrial hydrocarbon in case has entered once into the body of a living creature can remain resistant. 
One of the other polluting materials of the environment is the heavy metals. The metals are among the most useful materials and are the first elements which have been recognized by the human beings and have the most important role in the development of civilization. Today, uranium has been recognized as the predominant solution of the human beings it means the shortage of energy. But at the side of this material as far as it will be possible to use less these heavy materials that generally are cu-v-sn-ni-mg-pb-cn-cd-ba the environmental pollutions will become to its minimum. With this aim, BELKA has been prepared without using even one heavy metal that from this aspect secures the health of the consumer. One of the discussed cases in the modern human societies is the recycle of the production after the period of consumption that from this aspect BELKA returns to the cycle of nature easily.   

In Respect of Health BELKA Has Been Inspected
n respect of poison for the cultivated plants that will produce fiber in future has been tested and its amount has been in the limit of normal.
  HH: HP of BELKA due to its solvent condition in water is 7 times.
  Has no formaldid.
  The amount of heavy metals such as Cd- CI- Cu- Co- As- Zn- Hg- Pb which create cancer is nearly in the limit of zero.
  BELKA has no escaping materials. 

Existing Materials in BELKA & Structure of BELKA
mixture from cellulose cotton in fiber strings and cellulose resin with different types of decorative additives and water are fastened and the structure of BELKA is in the form of soft, with seeds and with strings.

ach kilogram is enough for at least 3 meters.


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